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The Children's Liturgy

  • The Children's Liturgy has several objectives :
  • Enabling children to worship and celebrate God's love for them by giving them an experience of prayer through word, gesture, silence and focused activity.
  • Giving children an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the word of God at their own level and their own pace.
  • Helping children to discover that the word of God has meaning in their lives now, as children.
  • Introducing children to some of the symbols and movements of the liturgy.
  • Giving them the experience of being part of a community of faith and playing an active part in it.
  • Giving the parish an opportunity to share its faith with its youngest members in order to lead them into full and active involvement in the life of the parish.
  • Supporting young families in their task of bringing up their children in faith.
  • Making families with young children feel welcomed and appreciated as part of the parish community.
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Are You Interested In Helping Us

The Children's Liturgy is not catechesis or religious education. It is about giving children an opportunity to reflect and pray at their own level and their own pace. Therefore, you do not have to be wise or skilled - just prayerful and playful! If you wish to participate, you will be given a full introduction and be supported and helped by the other leaders. There are regular diocesan training days for new leaders.

Time commitment is once a month. “If you would like to be considered for this ministry please speak to Fr. Philip”




Children's Liturgy:

  • Prayers and resources for children's liturgy catechists.

    These resources contain questions to help children reflect on the Gospel story as well as ideas for prayers, songs and other activities. Feel free to adapt them to suit your group.

    We would really like to hear your feedback. Share your ideas and suggestions with us so that we can make these resources as useful as possible for you. Let us know what worked well and what didn't at

Link to CAFOD's children's liturgy site