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A Message From Father Philip

Both St Mary Magdalen's and St Teresa's benefit from the Gift Aid Scheme. Parishioners who pay tax on their income, both PAYE or investments, are invited to join the scheme. The Tax refunds boost the parish income at no extra cost to the donor. In the financial year ending April 2010,The Combined amount received is over £9,000 . Unlike the Covenant Scheme, which preceded the Gift Aid Scheme, one does not have to make a commitment of a fixed sum of money - weekly, monthly or annually. You can make contributions by :
Cash or cheque in a numbered envelope placed in the Offertory collection

By Bankers Order
  • A single 'one-off' donation - this needs you to complete a Special Gift Card and is NOT dependant on being a regular member of the Scheme.
  • The Inland Revenue assumes that your donations have been taxed at the Standard Rate, ie 22%, and refunds the Charity at the rate of 28p in the £.
  • You may not be paying at the Standard Rate so you need to be sure that your tax for the year covers the refund that your Gift Aided donations will create.
How can I Join The Scheme?

Simply sign a Gift Aid Declaration Form and this will remain current until you inform the Parish Gift Aid Organiser that you are no longer paying tax or that you are leaving the Parish, Interested?

Contact Father Philip

Gift Aided Donations For Special Collections

Throughout the year, special collections are taken for CAFOD Family Fast, Priests' Training Fund, Priests' Retirement Fund and LAMP. For these charities to gain tax refunds, special envelopes must be used; these will be made available at appropriate times.

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If You Pay Tax, then please join The Gift Aid Scheme.

If you have an income (wage, salary, pension or investment income) on which you pay UK Income Tax, you can boost the donations you are currently making to your Parish by 28% without giving anything extra.

It works like this.

For example, if you give £104 each year (£2 a week) to the Church, you would have paid income tax of £29.33 on that amount.

By completing a simple Gift Aid Declaration, you give the Church authority to reclaim this Tax from the Inland Revenue.

This is a bonus to the Parish of 28p for every £1 you donate.

Make your contributions to the Church by Weekly Numbered Envelope, Standing Order or Cheque.

We'll do the rest.

Rules of HMRC

You can claim back 25p every time an individual donates £1 to your charity or community amateur sports club (CASC). This is called Gift Aid.

You must be recognised as a charity or CASC for tax purposes.

There are rules on which donations you can claim Gift Aid on.

You can claim Gift Aid online - you should get your payment within 5 weeks.

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Some Questions About Gift Aid
How much tax must I pay to be able to take part in Gift Aid ?

You can join the Gift Aid Scheme if you are a tax payer and pay tax at the basic or higher rate.

Lower rate tax payers (10%), including those paying tax on investment income, can also join providing they pay an amount of tax at least equal to the amount of any refund claimed by the Parish.

What if I have already signed a Covenant ?

Your existing Covenant will continue to be valid for the covenanted amount.

However, if you increase the amount of your giving and wish the Parish to benefit, you will need to complete a Gift Aid Declaration.

Do I have to make known my earnings ?


What if I stop paying income tax ?

Let us know and we will cancel your Declaration.

Who, in the Church, receives the tax refund ?

Your own Parish, unless you ask for it to go elsewhere.

Can I change the amount I give ?

Yes. You can increase or decrease the amount you give at any time without having to complete a Declaration.

Is Gift Aid confidential ?

Yes. Remember that the amount you give to the Church is confidential.

How much of what I give to the Church can be included in my Gift Aid Declaration ?

You can include everything you give in the Offertory Collection provided it is given in a numbered weekly envelope or by cheque or standing order.

Additional donations can also be included.

The Parish that receives your Gift Aid donations has to keep accurate records of receipt and the Parish Priest has to certify the amount you have given in the tax year before the Parish can reclaim the tax.

If both spouses pay tax, they should make separate Declarations for the amounts they give and they must use their own numbered envelopes. This enables accurate records to be kept.

What about Higher Rate Tax Payers ?

Higher rate tax payers will benefit through additional tax relief if they declare their Gift Aid Declarations on their tax return.

I am already giving to my Parish in the Offertory Collection. Will it cost me more to join the Gift Aid Scheme ?

No. You are not being asked to give more money or pay additional income tax. You are simply being asked to complete a Gift Aid Declaration so that your Parish can reclaim from the Inland Revenue the tax that you have already paid on your donations.

Where can I get further information ?

If you require further information about the new Gift Aid Scheme, please contact :