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Hiring the hall
  • Specifics

    Church Hall
    An inside view of The Church Hall

    St Mary Magdalen's Church Hall is situated adjacent to St Mary Magdalen RC Church, turning into Buller Avenue from Leyland Road Penwortham.

    The Hall has a maximum capacity of 75 and comprises :

    • a dance/seating area
    • a small stage area
    • ladies/disabled and gents toilets
    • kitchen
    • Parking is available at the front and back of the Hall with additional parking in the school yard if required.
  • Anniversary or Party

    Help with your coming Anniversary

    The right anniversary party venue is crucial for your celebration. St Mary Magdalen's Hall will provide stylish and spacious facility, and might add happy familiar feel to the celebration. Also consider our venue does include parking and a pleasant outdoor space.

    For once you have set up your party with decorations and with balloons and candles complemented by photographs that chronicle the years before the anniversary, and use a docking station and an iPod, iPad, or Laptop with themed playlists to keep the party rocking. You can also connect these to a projector to display photo slideshows or video clips.

    We are very proud of our record over the last 40 years in maintaining the highest standards of decoration, Amenities, and spotlessness throughout the centre. Clientele who have booked their function with us have often commented that they are surprised at our friendly attitude, attention to fine detail that is often overlooked on these special occasions at other venues. Free parking is available next to building.

    An inside view of The Church Hall
  • Events and Parties

    How much does it cost to hire the hall?

    The hall is available for hire for a fee of £30.00 per session. NB short, medium and long term Church Hall Hire Arrangements are available on request Payment should normally be made on the day of hire and should, wherever possible, be by cheque. Hire St Mary Magdalen's Hall

    Ring Mr Eamon Macken on 01772 749527
    St Mary Magdalen RC Church, Penwortham
    When can the hall be hired?
    • The hall can be hired in one or more of three sessions(Slot) :
    • Mornings between 9.00am and 1.00pm
    • Afternoons between 1.00pm and 6.00pm
    • Evenings between 6.00pm and 11.00pm
    • If you wish to hire the hall for two consecutive sessions, the charge will be:
    • £40 for one hire slot
    • £80 for two hire slots
    • £120 for three hire slots ( the full day and evening )
    Who is responsible for any damage?

    The hirer is responsible for any breakage / damages and will be expected to make good any loss. Remember, the hall is provided for the benefit of all parishioners, their friends and relatives so it is only fair and reasonable that those who use the hall should leave it in a manner that they would expect to find it.